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May 12th, 2009 (06:21 pm)

current mood: geeky

What's this? Thorpe Park tomorrow? Yes please.
I have much more work to do, yet I find Thorpe Park tomorrow and Reading on Thursday (to see Wolverine) two very good plans that lack any flaws. To be fair, I have written a good few hundred words of my Advanced Fictional Writing draft today, so I could be doing worse. 'Tis just a case of getting on with my other guffing modules and not completely failing the year.

Can't wait until the 4th June, then I will have fuck all to do until I return to Birmingham to start on Operation: Organise Life. I'll have a good month or so of pissing about, though, so I'll be feeling gooooood by June. Yes, that's right. Damn gooooood.

Meanwhile, those of you who actually read this can look forward to more rambling/stress/moaning/sobbing about my work that I'll be doing until it's all done and dusted. I'm sure you'll have much fun.


Posted by: notoriousesb (notoriousesb)
Posted at: May 12th, 2009 05:33 pm (UTC)

Yes yes well done your a genuis, now I need to get on with my freakin presentaion, cant believe youve got me involved in another medium that we can communicate over- dont we see eachother a ruddy nuff? joking love yoooou yay thorpe park gunna be fuuuntimmmes xxxxxxx

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