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"I'm gonna live forever!"

May 9th, 2009 (01:02 am)

current mood: calm

So, now all that crap is over with... on with more work. Woop woop.

But even with the looming 13,000 (or thereabouts) words I still have to write, I am feeling not too worried. I've got around a month to do it all, and I got some books out from the library earlier to start researching into tomorrow. Of course, this will be after mine and Emma's little swim little swim and haircut in the morning/early afternoon.

Interlude - right this second my housemate is popping up from behind my laptop shouting 'KILL IT!' (I just sneezed) and pressing her boobs up against my poor, defenseless mac. I'm surrounded by insane people.

Anyway. Yes, where was I? Haircut. Right. I do like getting my hair cut and looking all pretty, so that'll be nice. And then I'll be all rejuvenated and pretty for work/reading in the afternoon. 'Tis a plan of action.
So, as for non-work aspects of my life, I've spent most of the day with Emma, running all around the shop buying food and going to pick up South Park DVDs from the Post Office. We made ciabatta pizza and watched some DVDs before settling down for the epically cheerful Philedelphia, accompanied with sweets and crisps. Oh, and doughnuts. We're a damn healthy bunch.
I'm now enjoying some Gilmore Girls, and Emma's lying next to me while I stroke her hair... I do love our quasi-lesbian relationship.

All in all, things are pretty good.